Accounting services in El Paso, TX

Below are some of the common accounting services we provide for the El Paso and Las Cruces region. Our CPA firm has 30 years of experience helping individuals, businesses, and not-for-profit organizations make the best financial decisions.

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Small Business Accounting

Our team of certified tax professionals assist small businesses in setting up internal systems to ease the daily bookkeeping and paperwork tasks. We counsel our clients in tax planning, bookkeeping and on making sure that all records and reporting data are complete and ready for year-end tax preparation.

You can be sure that we are adept at handling tax problems and representing clients during an IRS investigation.

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Tax planning for individuals

Tax planning is the best practice to reduce your tax exposure and liability. Our competent team will advise you on the best saving strategies for you, for example: splitting income among family members, shifting income or expenses, deferring tax liability, finding tax deductions, and using investments to produce tax-exempt income. 

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Accounting for non-profit organizations

Volunteerism is a hallmark of Marcus, Fairall Bristol+ Co., PLLC. Our partners are active volunteers in the local community and we encourage our staff to become involved in their favorite non-profit.  

Professionally, we help non-profit organizations prepare and file their formation documents and application for tax-exempt status.

Other services that we offer the non-profit to ensure your paperwork meets the reporting requirements:

  • help the entity prepare the financial records necessary to prepare and file the annual Form 990.
  • design, install and maintain your accounting system
  • preparation for weekly, biweekly and monthly payroll
  • payroll tax preparation and deposits
  • provide training for your accounting personnel

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Forensic Accounting Service

Financial fraud Investigation or “Forensic Accounting” is a specialized field of the accounting profession. Our managing partner is certified in financial forensics (CFF) by the AICPA and has extensive knowledge in the banking system, tax laws and hidden money investigation. He and the professional team at Marcus, Fairall, Bristol +Co., work with attorneys, businesses, non-profits and families to detect inconsistencies and suspicious transactions. We know where to look and what to look for.

Who hires us? The following groups often use our services:

  • attorneys
  • businesses
  • individuals and non-profit organizations to uncover criminal activities such as: insurance fraud, falsification of documents, money laundering, asset theft, and more.

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