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Marcus, Fairall, Bristol + Co., PLLC is an accounting firm in El Paso with a focus on forensic accounting. “Forensic accounting” is a specialized field that focuses on financial fraud investigations. Our Managing Partner David Given Marcus, CPA, CFF is Certified in Financial Forensics by the AICPA, and is among the first professional accountants in the country to train for and pass the licensing exams within the burgeoning field of Forensic Accounting. Today, it’s an exciting and fascinating branch of our accounting firm.

Marcus Fairall Bristol offers a full range of forensic accounting services, including investigating and resolving financial fraud for small and large businesses, personal estates and individuals as well as non-profit organizations. 

Marcus’ background in tax law, banking and financial accounting is crucial to his forensic work – along with knowing how and where money can be hidden. He works with attorneys, businesses, individuals and non-profit organizations. The forensic accountant can be jointly retained by both parties as opposed to just one side. In this way, both parties are more cooperative and better able to share critical information, while also reducing the service fee responsibility accrued by each side.

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In general, forensic accounting investigations include the following: 

estate settlements with contested – or hidden – assets. Beneficiaries want to find answers; and they want a resolution. When dependents and other heirs have certain perceived or actual claims to a family estate.

litigation support – prepares experts and depositions and provides expert testimony in state and federal courts on behalf of the plaintiff or defendant- helping to unravel complicated financial disputes and explain the nature of financial crimes in court. 

financial fraud and mismanagement – such as insurance fraud, falsification of documents, money laundering, asset theft and more.

dispute/conflict resolution – Assist with business contract disputes, shareholder/partner disputes, employee termination disputes

business valuation – Based on income, market and assets/liabilities.

Former and current contracts include numerous litigation support engagements with attorneys in the El Paso area and surrounding region including Las CrucesNew Mexico. 

Some current and former engagements:

* Under contract with a major school district to review compliance complaints brought to the board of trustees as well as with local county government for consultation regarding policy regarding purchasing department.

* Engaged to investigate asset misappropriation by estate administrators as well as the beneficiaries of the estate. 

* Engaged to prove intermingling of assets which allows the attorney to “pierce the corporate veil” giving the attorney suing a corporation greater access to shareholders’ personal assets when looking for dollars to satisfy judgements.

* Multiple cases involving discovery of hidden assets

* Multiple divorce cases in which one spouse is charged with  “wasting the marital estate” and therefore causing damage to the other spouse.

* Engaged to locate evidence of theft of assets by company employees

When to hire a forensic accountant?

If you are considering hiring a forensic CPA you can read our post on “When to Hire A Forensic Accountant

“As outside counsel, we determine if there is evidence to prove criminal mismanagement, embezzlement, evidence of stolen merchandise and/or laundered money. It’s our job to set things right when our clients must prove they are victims of financial fraud.” ~ David Given Marcus, CPA, CFF, Managing Partner of Marcus, Fairall, Bristol, + Co PLLC

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