CPA Firm Serving Las Cruces, NM

For forensic accounting and tax planning services, our certified public accountants can handle all your financial questions. We have years of experience serving the Las Cruces, NM region.

What to consider when choosing a CPA

  • Choosing the right accountant can keep you in compliance with the law by proper and on-time tax filing, as well as ensure that your financial statements are in order. Your CPA can be a trusted advisor as your company grows. When you are ready to select a CPA, below are some considerations to make sure it is a good fit: 
  • Know that there are individual “sole” practitioners while others work in an accounting firm with other professionals. Some have specializations while others are generalists. If that person a sole practitioner, be sure to determine if he or she is experienced in the type of services you seek. If you are using the services of an accounting firm, know the areas of specialization and the qualifications of the staff. For example, at Marcus, Fairall Bristol + Co, our managing partner is specialized in the unique area of Forensic Accounting. Each of our staff accountants have guided individuals and businesses in ensuring best practices for their particular needs.
  • What type of clients does the sole practitioner or accounting firm work with?  Do they have experience with your industry? Every certified public accountant knows the basic accounting concerns that come with any business including year-end tax filing and other compliance activities. Ask about their other clients and know if their businesses are similar to yours to determine if they are a good fit for the job you require.
  • Understand the professional fee schedule. Professional accountants have several modes of payment. Timely-based schedules are calculated on an hourly basis. Project-based fee schedules are calculated based on a specific job. A value-based fee schedule is the professional’s estimate of the value of services to the client.
  • Ask about the best way to contact the individual or firm. A clear understanding of how communication is handled is the key to a harmonious relationship for you and your accountant.

Accounting services that a certified public accountant provides:

  • Small business accounting. It is critical to properly manage the finances of the business. This involves daily bookkeeping, tracking, recording, and analyzing the financial transactions of your business. Let us help set up your internal systems to steamline your day to day bookkeeping.
  • Tax planning. Our tax accountants will advise you on strategies to reduce your tax exposure and liability.
  • Non-profit Accounting. Accountants help non-profit organizations to prepare and file the formation documents and application for tax-exempt status
  • Forensic accounting. This is a specialized field of accounting in which extensive knowledge of the banking system, tax laws, and understanding of hidden money investigation is required.
  • Tax problems and resolutions. Accountants offer advice and options to resolve your tax debt.

If you are looking for a CPA or accounting firm near Las Cruces, NM to help you with your investment planning, the experienced and knowledgeable  certified public accountants at Marcus, Fairall, Bristol + Co., PLLC can help you handle your accounting needs. Contact us to set up a free one-hour consultation.