Failure to Pay Employment Taxes: What This Means

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Paying employment taxes is a critical responsibility for all employers. Failure to meet this obligation can result in severe legal and financial consequences, impacting the business and its responsible parties. Fortunately, our El Paso CPAs at Marcus, Fairall, Bristol + Co., PLLC are here to help you understand what failure to pay taxes means and […]

IRS Tells Thousands of Taxpayers They May Face Jail Time

Tax forms with handcuffs on top of them in El Paso.

The IRS has recently issued warnings to thousands of taxpayers, indicating they could face jail time for filing false tax returns. This crackdown is a response to widespread fraudulent claims related to specific tax credits, such as the Fuel Tax Credit, the Sick and Family Leave Credit, and household employment taxes. If you’re concerned about […]

The Benefits of Outsourcing Accounting Services for Small Businesses

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Feeling overwhelmed with all those numbers and taxes? Running a small business is tough, especially when you’re juggling everything alone. There’s a smart solution: outsourcing your accounting. When it’s time to team up with pros, look no further than Marcus, Fairall, Bristol + Co, PLLC. We’re a group of certified public accountants (CPAs) right here […]

Beneficial Ownership Reporting

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As of January 1st, 2024, businesses in the United States are required to report standard information about the individual(s) who own or control them. In an attempt to curb illicit finance, meaning the illegal movement of money across borders, the Department of Treasury is enacting new measures to protect the economic security of our country. […]

EV Tax Credits: What You Need to Know

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As the world continues to look towards green solutions, electric vehicles (EVs) have become increasingly popular in the world of transportation. To encourage the purchasing of EVs and promote sustainability, the United States government is offering tax credits to qualifying businesses and individuals. If you’re looking for El Paso tax preparation services as the new […]

Top Tax Deductions You Might Be Missing

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As you prepare for the upcoming tax season in El Paso, it’s time to note all the areas where you can save money. While many taxpayers are aware of popular deductions, such as mortgage interest and charitable contributions, you may benefit from plenty of other deductions. Marcus, Fairall, Bristol, & Co. is El Paso’s reliable […]

Tax Planning for Life Changes

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Tax planning is the process of organizing and filing your tax returns to the IRS. Typically, this involves gathering documents that are provided by your employers along with your personal information. However, if major life changes happen during the tax year, this can impact your taxes.  Marcus, Fairall, Bristol + Co., PLLC, is El Paso’s […]

Common Non-Profit Financial Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

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Non-profit organizations have the goal of meeting community needs that might otherwise go unmet. They fill a service gap by benefitting people and animals and addressing social justice issues. By nature of being a non-profit, these entities are exempt from paying income tax on net revenue, and donations to the non-profit can generally be deducted […]

What Types of Cases Do Forensic Accountants Handle?

A document certifying David G. Marcus in financial Forensics in El Paso.

Forensic accounting is detective work: It is very much a process of following the money. David Marcus is the managing partner of Marcus, Fairall, Bristol & Co., PLLC; the only accounting firm certified to offer forensic accounting services in the El Paso area. He says that Forensic accounting firms play a critical role in uncovering […]

Accounting and Tax Consultation for Medical Practices

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Like any El Paso business, running a medical practice involves juggling numerous responsibilities, from patient care to administrative tasks. Amidst this demanding landscape, managing the financial aspects of your practice, including tax preparation, is crucial for maintaining stability and growth. At Marcus, Fairall, Bristol + Co., we help local El Paso businesses and individuals stay […]