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What are payroll taxes? (And why do I need to know?)

A payroll tax is the money that employers withhold from an employee’s salary and then pays on behalf of their employees.  

If you are ever behind on paying your payroll taxes, DO NOT meet with the IRS on your own. How you answer their initial questions can determine whether you stay in business or not. It is critical to hire a professional representative who knows how the IRS operates.

We can help you set up your payroll system so this doesn’t happen to you. 

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Avoid payroll tax problems

Business owners who hire employees and maintain a payroll must pay their payroll taxes. The IRS views failing to pay payroll taxes as the cardinal sin of tax delinquency because a large portion of the payroll taxes are your employees’ withholdings. Not paying your company’s payroll taxes is tantamount to stealing your employees’ money in the eyes of the IRS.

As a result, penalties for failing to pay your payroll taxes and filing your payroll tax returns on time are much more severe than other types of penalties. They can drastically multiply the amount you owe in a very short time.

If you are behind on paying payroll taxes for your company, BE WARNED: the IRS is extremely aggressive pursuing collection of this type of tax. They would rather seize your business assets, close you down, sell your assets at auction, and put you out of business than allow you to continue amassing additional payroll tax liabilities.

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