Non-Filed Tax

What is the non-filing of income tax return?

Non-filing of income tax returns is the failure to file a tax return last year or in any number of previous years. If you file 60 days after the due date, you will incur penalties. If you have fraudulent failure to file penalties, it may aggravate the amount of penalty to be paid. You can also be charged with a crime. Failure to file is considered a federal crime punishable as a misdemeanor or a felony. The punishment can be grave and may include fines and jail time.

Unless a tax return is filed, the statute of limitations on assessment and collection will not start to run. The IRS can also prepare a tax return for you by using information obtained from various forms such as Form W-2 and Form 1099. If this happens, you could lose the chance of being exempted, and availing of deductions and credits will be less likely. Additionally, you could also lose the chance of receiving any tax refunds. 

non-filed tax return

What are the things required to file an income tax return?

In filing tax returns, the taxpayer should choose the filing status, your age, and your gross income the year. If your gross income exceeds the threshold for your age and filing status, you should file a federal income tax return.

When figuring the gross income, you should include all income received that is not exempted from tax such as income outside the United States, income from the sale of your main home, gains reported on form 8949 or Schedule D and income reported on Schedule C. 

Basically, there is no minimum age set for filing taxes, so tax returns are all about income and tax status and the majority of U.S. states get their taxes from income. Most states will require that you file a state tax return if you also file a federal return. 

How to request or get IRS Verification of Non-Filing Status?

An IRS Verification of non-filing status is a document provided by the IRS confirming that there is no record of taxes filed for a specific person. The letter is requested from the IRS and it is free to request and also free to receive. Expect the letter to be received in 5-10 days and this depends on the method used to request it. You can request it online, by phone, or by paper request. 

By online request, you can visit the IRS Get Transcript website and you can download, print and submit via fax or in-person to Financial aid. Request by paper is by filling up the IRS Form – 4506-T. Sign and date the form and send by mail or fax the completed form using the fax number provided. If you want to obtain the letter by telephone request or by in-person, try contacting the automated phone transcript service to receive the transcript via mail or set an appointment to schedule in Boise or look up your location in the IRS website.

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