Small Businesses Feel Brunt of Coronavirus

If you are the owner of a small business you are already well aware of the devastation that the coronavirus has caused, particularly for those with four or fewer employees. You’re not alone. As this outbreak continues U.S. businesses are struggling to survive. The pandemic has resulted in layoffs, closures, and loss of income for business owners across the country.

A survey of 1,600 businesses covering over 30 different industries within the U.S. shows that small businesses have been impacted disproportionately compared to those that have a larger staff. The survey also identified an array of challenges including the impacts of the pandemic on staffing, revenues, sales, headcount, and overall financial wellbeing. Both economic and health-driven demands – including social distancing restrictions – have contributed to the challenges faced by many small businesses and have affected future growth potential.

Small business owners are also concerned about the welfare of their staff due to wage and benefit cuts. There is also concern over future relationships with suppliers.

The future looks brighter for US small business 

Nowadays, the future is brighter and businesses are finding ways to respond to the challenges.

The government has responded by offering including stimulus payments, payment protection programs (PPP), more liberal rules and filing dates, IRA distribution, required minimum distribution waivers, and more. Income tax payments for businesses and individuals owing particular amounts have been deferred.

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